Early Computer Art

John Cage
‘Computer to turn us into artists’

Conceptual Art:
John Baldessari – Back of All Trucks…
Idea > Result
Systematical Removal of Subjectivity

Bernd and Hilla Becher – Kalkofen

Sol Le Witt- Brick Wall
Art as an Idea
Idea > Result
Schematic Drawing for Incomplete Open Cubes
[Manfred Mohr p181, 1976]

1956 IBM Sage Computer – Pin Up Girl

“Computer Graphics”
Une Esthetique Programmee

A. Michael Noll – 3-D Projection of Rotating 4 Dimensional Hyper Cube, 1962
(Engineer for Bell Labs)

Georg Nees – Generative Computergrafik

*Lack of Interest?

H. Higgins & D. Kahn – Mainframe Experimentalism 2012
Book on Computer Generated Stuff

Mel Bochner – 36 Photos and 12 Diagrams 1966/2012
Roll, 1968


Chuck Close —>Squares
Pixels 1965
G. Richter 1974


K. Knowlton & L. Harmon – Deborah Hay 1966, MOMA

G. Richter – Stained Glass

Andy Warhol – Digital Paintings 1985

Lecture: Roland Früh

REF: Caro Diario Nanni Moretti 1993
Lucius Burckhardt 1925-2003 (about the small things)
Norman Potter (Dont Think)

R. Früh’s Projects
Max Bill, 1908-1994

Lecture: Joel Vacheron

Michel De Certeau – The Practice of Everyday Life
Albert Camus
Boris Vian
Howard Becker – Outsiders
Dick Hebdige – Subculture: The Meaning of Style
Roland Barthes – Mythologies
Stuart Hall – Resistance Through Rituals
Vibrations Magazine
Paul Gilroy

Lecture: Introduction to Research w N Nova

Research Contribution
E Phillips & D. Pugh (2005) list

  1. setting down a major piece of new information in writing for the first time
  2. continuing a previously original piece of work
  3. carrying out original work designed by the supervisor
  4. providing a single original technique, observation, or result in an otherwise unoriginal but competent piece of research
  5. having many original ideas, methods and interpretations, all performed by others under the direction of the postgradutate
  6. showing originality in testing somebody else’s idea
  7. carrying out empirical work that hasn’t been done before
  8. making a synthesis that hasn’t been made before
  9. using already known material but with a new interpretation
  10. trying out something in [your own nation] that has previously only been done abroad
  11. taking a particular technique and applying it in a new area
  12. bringing new evidence to bear on an old issue
  13. being cross disciplinary and using different methodologies
  14. looking at areas that people in the discipline haven’t looked at before
  15. adding knowledge in a way that hasn’t been done before