Early Computer Art

John Cage
‘Computer to turn us into artists’

Conceptual Art:
John Baldessari – Back of All Trucks…
Idea > Result
Systematical Removal of Subjectivity

Bernd and Hilla Becher – Kalkofen

Sol Le Witt- Brick Wall
Art as an Idea
Idea > Result
Schematic Drawing for Incomplete Open Cubes
[Manfred Mohr p181, 1976]

1956 IBM Sage Computer – Pin Up Girl

“Computer Graphics”
Une Esthetique Programmee

A. Michael Noll – 3-D Projection of Rotating 4 Dimensional Hyper Cube, 1962
(Engineer for Bell Labs)

Georg Nees – Generative Computergrafik

*Lack of Interest?

H. Higgins & D. Kahn – Mainframe Experimentalism 2012
Book on Computer Generated Stuff

Mel Bochner – 36 Photos and 12 Diagrams 1966/2012
Roll, 1968


Chuck Close —>Squares
Pixels 1965
G. Richter 1974


K. Knowlton & L. Harmon – Deborah Hay 1966, MOMA

G. Richter – Stained Glass

Andy Warhol – Digital Paintings 1985

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