9/3 – Cone Tests

Switched to a more regular shape as it will be clearer to identify print troubles (opposed to shape/form troubles)

Cone w/ 10deg Tilt
1 wall, Spiral
52psi (change from bar for exactness)
13min, * first “successful” clay print *
Cone Test - 10 deg

Cone w/ 20deg Tilt
1 wall, Spiral
Cone Test - 20 deg

Cone w/ 30deg Tilt

Cone Test - 30 deg

Cone w/ 40deg Tilt

13min – Near perfect finish
Cone Test - 40 deg

Cone w/ 50deg Tilt
14min – 1 major air bubble w/ full layer loss, but no collapse
beginnings of deformation during drying
Cone Test - 50 deg

Cone w/ 60deg Tilt
5min, failure with deformation. Big air bubble with collapse, however recovered, just slump (also 2″ air gap in hose, no apparent result in print)
Cone Test - 60 deg

I tried this cone 3 times, with various slump problems. Tried a hair dryer to accelerate drying as its coming out, however lightweight nature of the clipboard bucks, piece moved during print.
60 degree maybe too much, though it looks like with some fussing it might come out
Cone Test - 60 deg
Cone Test - 60 deg