Media Stand

AA response to In Union Remotely, a “Call for Woodworking” by The Shaker Museum – March 2021 I was inspired by some shaker shelves, which are very nice.

ALM Project: Axial Tilt Plates

One of the first projects I developed while working with ALM Project: The Axial Tilt Share Plate is produced by Rosenthal and can be found in SFMoMA’s fine dining restaurant In Situ

Visit to Integratron

The Integratron was built in the desert north of Palm Spring by George Van Tassel. He maintained that the plans were given to him by extraterrestrials, and that the building would provide the means for everlasting life.  George died before its completion, but now the building which happens to be acoustically superb, is used for… Continue reading Visit to Integratron