Visit to Neutra’s Reunion House

As explained by D Neutra (son of R J Neutra) the Reunion House (2440 Earl St, LA, CA) was built as a spec house while the VDL was being repaired after a fire.  The Reunion House was designed to accommodate an older family, after children have moved.  There was a guest room for the children, and this is the origin of the house’s name.

Currently the house is well lived in by D Neutra and his wife.

Long horizontal brickwork (and tile in the kitchen) similar to some FLW brickwork.

Dion explaining the kitchen cabinet pulls…

More pulls

The bathroom features a horizontal mirror with standard mirror cabinets floating in front.  Also, clear story windows look through to an adjoining interior room.

Living room vibes…   

Dion explains the significance of his sliding glass door, which leads to the patio.  Largest? First?

Very nice galvanized exterior lamp