Week 30

The rig…
Stalled for a couple days, waiting for resolution surrounding damage during shipping. Ultimately the seller and I were able to come to a resolution quickly and repairs to damage began.

With most visible misalignment etc taken care of, plugged in machine, tuned and tested first few prints using PLA I had lying around for old Makerbot machine. First few were just frizz but without much fuss a few successful prints came out.

1st test print success
100mm dia circle, 2mm H, 1mm wall – Printed with brim, adhesion good, print good

Missing boss for Luxo lamp. I had planned to outsource this print to repair an old lamp at the studio, good test print. 8 min, extra fast setting

Printed eternit planter designs at 1:6 scale, came out great
Medium Size – Speed Extra Fast 0.3mm – 1h15min
Large Shorter – Speed Extra Fast 0.3mm – 1h 26min

Printed entry to Alforno Di Cambio contest @ 1:6
6min, with supports, looks cute

Working on air pressure system this week.
Brass fitting on canister is bent, maybe should be replaced? Note from owner, Brass fitting is PRV. Pressure release valve.
7/25 Compressor arrives, look great, quiet
7/29 Purchase new blow off valve @125psi via Amazon – Ultimately this part will cause me a lot of headaches because it is cheap poorly made item.

Began researching,
Via JK
Red clay has small platelets -> too sticky -> x
White clay has large platelets -> less sticky
Also too much texture is bad as it also adds friction
JK goes into detail, but ultimately as he is using UK and EU source, I will buy something comparable and readymade from Laguna

JK also notes a whole bunch of shrink rates, while they are useful, I will need to test on my own clay body, however, he notes that shrinkage is more dominant in the vertical direction.

Clay on Laguna site (possibles)
B Mix, Cone 5, WC401, cream
Porcelain B Mix, cream

Frost 6 WC 437 Cone 5-6

B Mix 10, Cone 10, WC379, Buff / Brown
Porcelain 550, Cone 10 WC631
Frost Cone 10, WC 896

Cone 5 Temp – 2160F / 1180C
Cone 6 Temp – 2200F / 1200C
Cone 10 Temp – 2350F / 1300C

When ordering at Laguna
Willcall – 50lbs min, next day
In Store – 25lbs possible, in store purchase (same day)

Purchased 50lbs
B Mix, Cone 5, WC401 (imagery in catalog showed 3d printed pieces using this clay)
21$ / 25lbs