Week 29

Printer arrived 7/20/2023 via sale through ebay.
Shipping damage apparent, repairs will be needed :-/ (See damage list for detail)

Wasp Top Plate

The rig…
Wasp 2040 Turbo 2 outfitted with red spitfire LT extruder 0.4mm nozzle (for PLA, PETG, FLEX)
Build space 40cm dia, 80cm h
Also included was a LDM printhead extruder (v 3.0?) with 1.2mm nozzle, and 3L alu canister for clay.

Prior to arrival I’ve updated my [old] laptop from xp to windows 10 so I can run Cura15.04, as well as Blender3.6 which I think might be interesting for the printing iterations.

Print profile for Cura downloaded via wasp site, but needed configuration as Custom: FFF profile, elliptical build space.

Possible further purchases if we decide to continue printing plastic with this rig.
Could buy:
-New print plate
-HT cartridge for red spitfire (for ABS, PA, PC, HIPS, PA+C, ASA, PMMA, PP)
-Zen double extruder for 2 materials at once (support + material)
-Carbon kit? Sounds interesting

Possible needed purchases for clay printing:
-Larger nozzle?
-Additional (Larger? 5L) canister

Delivery System…
In anticipation of getting this all going I purchased (via Amazon) a new compressor.
California Air Tools 8010, 8 gal, ultra quiet