For Here

For Here Serveware Program

Misaine Inc. for Starbucks

With eco-friendliness in mind Starbucks provides a ‘for here’ ceramic mug option when purchasing a drink. The mug that this drink comes in is a literally a vessel by which the brand conveys its identity and its product.

The design of this mug differs from other mugs due to a need for resilience to withstand the store setting. In addition to an increase in wear and tear, the industrial dishwashers used in commercial shops are stronger and hotter than the dishwashers in the home. A normal decal, the most common way to incorporate branding on a ceramics, would not withstand the strength of the washer.

With that in mind, we used an embossed logo, which adds a haptic quality, as well as addresses the needs of the store setting.

The For Here family, though tested before, was officially launched in spring of 2010 with the launch of Starbucks’ new branding.

For Here Mug featured in Starbucks brand literature.
For Here - Thomas Burns
For Here - Thomas Burns
For Here - Thomas Burns