• LDM Journal

    Welcome!I’m running a WASP 2040 Turbo2 with a LDM head to print clay. This is an ongoing project of research, experimentation and iteration.I hope to document information for myself, and anybody who is interested.

  • 2024-0531

    Testing printing on to rolled base. Best results I’ve gotten so far has been to roll a ~3mm bottom onto a plaster block, modifying z-max each time and printing directly onto the base. Sometimes the nozzle will scrape into the rolled bottom, but this might be good?Troubleshooting some delaminating, and general weakness not right at…

  • 2024-0526 – 13 Pointed Stars

    I’ve been testing to see if I can create a bottom for the 3d printed vessels by pouring slip into the open shape.I performed this test a bunch of times, and for the most part they have been unsuccessful. Test 1 print a few hours old, moved from buck onto plaster block, poured slip. Worked…

  • 2024-0519

    Hourglass with smileys, peace signs and yin yangs.Printed well, but again not enough relief in the symbols, and really they should be printed larger.

  • 2024-0518

    Leaning vessel with Boolean difference of distributed icosahedrons Having a little trouble with my Boolean operation in blender.This print also is the first with a relief cut into the shape and the details are a little different. Picture to come here I had tried to print this same shape with a union of the icosahedrons,…

  • 2024-0517 Cone W Smileys

    Randomly distribution of smiley faces worked well, but depth of face detail was too shallow.Some air bubbles.

  • 2024-0506

    I’ve been developing a new vessel shape in blender, but when I went to run my next print, the print immediately failed, and I was out of clay in the canister. I am searching for a locking ring for the push to connect valves, hoping to fix the disconnection issues I’ve been having. Since I…

  • 2024-0429

    6″ round vessel with randomized circles and diamonds over noise texture1h15msingle layer75psi (pretty high for my setup) Printing very well but first print had major air bubble at 60% complete with full loss of layer, print stopped and started anew. Second print stops at 84% 1h04m due to hose disconnect at nozzle. Lots of cleaning…

  • 2024-0427

    Vessel with randomized spots and low poly noise textureGoal of 5″ dia x 9″h, largest yetMultiple failures of print Hose is coming loose on connection to both the head and also the chamber itself occasionally. In the harness it the chamber will swing a little due to the head moving and at just the right…

  • 2024-0424

    printed larger random noise vessel, cylinder shape with contraction at toptallest print yet 185mm, cleanest print yet

  • 2024-0423

    working again, clogged bad, turned out to be in nozzle printed 120mm tall cone with displaced procedural noise texture2 layers 61psi32speed Printed decent, still some air bubbles, but the double layers worked well, with each layer really merging with the other but no nozzle detritus.

  • Replacing Parts of Extrusion Head

    4/17/24Long gap in posting due to working other jobs and lack of time to spend on LDM printer. As a result, this week when I decided to get it going again, I took apart the extrusion head and realized I had not cleaned it properly to leave it idle. :-/ Unscrewing the printed plastic portion…