Printed “cloth” form.
This is the first print exported direct to .STL from Blender, previously I had been exporting as .OBJ and post processing in Rhino. I clipped the bottom of the shape with the Cura positioning and decided (as the prior tall bubble vase collapsed) that I would print as high as I thought it could before collapsing and manually cut off the print.

Print worked pretty well, but I stopped it at around 50% which was about 4.5″ tall, lines were getting a little thin, and I thought that the print might fail. However a few days after this print I realized (thought) I have run out of clay in the canister again. Perhaps I could have printed this shape taller with a proper flow.

I am still interested in getting larger pieces and since I don’t have a thicker nozzle, and I want more clay for strength purposes, I plan on doing more investigating into double wall printing.