Week 31

The Rig:

This week I began the conversion of the Wasp 2040 Turbo 2 to LDM.
What I received from the eBay seller appears to be an incomplete LDM Clay kit from Wasp.

Purchased 2x M3 x 12mmL screws / nuts to connect LDM print head.
Disconnected Red Spitfire and labeled the two cords attached to it as E1 (extruder 1) and F1 (feeder 1), there are two additional cables above for (I assume) the zen extruder which can print 2 materials. (?)

Attached LDM auger extruder and in doing so I discovered that I was missing a connector (Modu to RJ45) needed to connect the LDM extruder. (Searching for this info online fruitless, but found the answer through Wasp support)

I placed an order for a larger 2mm nozzle, and a new updated design of the canister, and Wasp threw in the connector gratis, all to be delivered week 34, after summer holiday.