Services Offered

Services Offered
Each client is unique and each has a unique need. For this reason it is good to keep an open mind when considering the services Burns Office Design Studio offers. But if we have to break it down, maybe we could try some categories…

Product Design / Industrial Design 
We work with companies, manufacturers and with individuals to ideate, develop and plan new products for the market. This work includes a step by step process that leads from initial idea to product launch. We use design research to give us perspective on conceptualization via breadboard style prototyping, sketch renderings, 3D visualization and modelling with advanced surface control that can move directly into tooling. We create top quality technical drawings and can help to facilitate communication with factories abroad or domestic.

Furniture Design and Licensed Product Development 
Part of the speculative work we do is to develop our own ideas into possible viable product. Often these are the results of research, and extensive physical prototyping. Sometimes these ideas have synergy with specific companies, resulting in a product which makes it to market. More often these projects are sold in limited runs (prototypes) to collectors, architects, and design aficionados.

Interior Design and Architectural Detailing
We are not an architectural studio, but we often create drawings and ‘looks’ to help fill already existing spaces. These services vary by client but often include plans and elevations, inspiration boards, furniture and fixture selection and procurement, and drawings to translate intent into practical assembly for contractors.

General Design Consult / Other
As mentioned, we keep an open mind, and try to approach each project from a new perspective. Please feel free to ask us about any project you might have in mind.