Early Computer Art

John Cage ‘Computer to turn us into artists’ Conceptual Art: John Baldessari – Back of All Trucks… Idea > Result Analytical Systematical Removal of Subjectivity Bernd and Hilla Becher – Kalkofen Sol Le Witt- Brick Wall Art as an Idea Idea > Result Schematic Drawing for Incomplete Open Cubes [Manfred Mohr p181, 1976] 1956 IBM… Continue reading Early Computer Art

Lecture: Roland Früh

REF: Caro Diario Nanni Moretti 1993 Lucius Burckhardt 1925-2003 (about the small things) Norman Potter (Dont Think) R. Früh’s Projects Max Bill, 1908-1994 Providurium.org easy-lessoning.com

Lecture: Joel Vacheron

Michel De Certeau – The Practice of Everyday Life Albert Camus Boris Vian Howard Becker – Outsiders Dick Hebdige – Subculture: The Meaning of Style Roland Barthes – Mythologies Stuart Hall – Resistance Through Rituals Vibrations Magazine Paul Gilroy

Lecture: Introduction to Research w N Nova

Research Contribution E Phillips & D. Pugh (2005) list ” setting down a major piece of new information in writing for the first time continuing a previously original piece of work carrying out original work designed by the supervisor providing a single original technique, observation, or result in an otherwise unoriginal but competent piece of… Continue reading Lecture: Introduction to Research w N Nova