• Replacing Parts of Extrusion Head

    4/17/24Long gap in posting due to working other jobs and lack of time to spend on LDM printer. As a result, this week when I decided to get it going again, I took apart the extrusion head and realized I had not cleaned it properly to leave it idle. :-/ Unscrewing the printed plastic portion…

  • Stilt Table

    Bent Wood Foot

  • 10/01

    Printed “cloth” form. This is the first print exported direct to .STL from Blender, previously I had been exporting as .OBJ and post processing in Rhino. I clipped the bottom of the shape with the Cura positioning and decided (as the prior tall bubble vase collapsed) that I would print as high as I thought…

  • 9/29

    2nd print of bubble form. First time it collapsed at around 70%Printed this one to 50% and its beginning to show signs of collapse and increase in air bubbles, stopped print.

  • 9/25

    First round of prints with new harness. Printed first shape (from 9/02) and tall and wide variations. First attempt at printing directly on to rolled clay bottom1st printed ok2nd (tall var) printed ok at first but had some buildup on head, I paused and used the resurrection option for the first time, and the print…

  • 9/24

    New harness for canister.2pc, one hangs from joist, the other wraps the canister and hangs from first.

  • Week 38

    I’ve been having some issues with the rear carriage. Sometime last week it was so loose in the track that it fell loose while printing. Haha, yikes. I’ve researched about how to get it in and adjust it using the eccentric nut on one of the wheels. This fixed it part way, but after I…

  • 9/18

    Tall twisting oval “particle” vessel65psi, 30 min This one didnt have the UV map for density distribution. Also, the center body was offset so there should be no instance which has a 90deg from main surface Printed great.

  • 9/15

    2nd Particle Vase Tallest, longest print yet. 1st half printed well, second half with bubbles. First takeaways from both this and 9/13 shapes are that the size of the geometry and the angle at which it emerges from main body cause some small holes at shelfs. Also, I intentionally faceted the main body, but with…

  • Week 37

    Canister ran out of clay for the first time. Re-wet next amount, load following day etc. Working on technique to load, still hard to minimize air bubbles. 1st time I placed the clay on the board and shoved canister down onto it, this worked well, but when I inverted the canister all the clay slid…

  • 9/13

    1st and 2nd “Particle” Vessel – Low Poly shape with randomly distributed instances of basic geometric shapes using UV map for density control.

  • 9/12

    Two bodies which meet and join at z>0 Seam super visible, needs adjustment