91deg (hot day)

2×2 “Tile”
~0.375″ Thick
Fell over at 40%
This was the first test I did with infill, I think that the scale of the front back and the infill was too dense and overflow got on the head causing the tip over.
The line of the infill is noticeable on the front (and rear) face
Small Tile Test

3×3 Tile
~0.625″ Thick
22 min
1 massive air bubble with full layer lost (visible), despite this the print completed
Infill still visible from outside, and the entire piece twisted dramatically during print
3x3 Tile Test

Double Cone test
Experimenting with two intersecting bodies overlapping.
Cura removes material at overlap (or only does outside faces, but that would fail, ?)
Will the two bodies bond despite no material at seam?

1st print successful, with bond but major pulling issue when print head switches from body to body. I attempted to fix this a few different ways with the Cura settings. I tried to implement retraction at layer change, but this picked up the whole print.
I was able to print without the pulling, with retraction turned on but no z hop, and combing turned to both.
Two Body Test

With some adjustments I was able to print the full body, but with some major pulling as it moved from body to body.
Two Body Test

Changing maybe too many things in the Cura and not sure why this time it worked.
But print came out, and I dropped the printhead into it, so printed again, and came out again. Surface could be cleaner
Two Body Test